How Do You Invite Your Accountant in QuickBooks Online?

How Do You Invite Your Accountant in QuickBooks Online?

In this blog post, we are sharing a method on how to invite your accountant in QuickBooks Online.

You just need to follow the following steps and you can easily share your QuickBooks Dashboard with your virtual accountant and bookkeeper.

7 Steps To Invite Your Accountant in QuickBooks Online

#1 Step

Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.

#2 Step

Click on the Gear Icon > Manage Users.

#3 Step

Go to the Accountants section and click Invite Accountant.

#4 Step

Enter your accountant’s email address and first/last name (optional). They will receive an email with a link for signing in to your company.

Note: If you are hiring us as your Virtual Bookkeeper, you can use this email

#5 Step

They will be asked to create a user ID before signing in the first time, unless they already have an account with Intuit Business Services.

#6 Step

Until your accountant signs in, their status on the Manage Users page is “Invited.” After accepting the invitation, their status changes to “Active.”

#7 Step

Click Next and Finish.

Note: If you are facing any problem regarding inviting your accountant in your QuickBooks Online, feel free to contact us. We would be more than to assist you. Further, if you need more tips, keep visiting our blog.