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Payroll Services For Small Business

Looking for payroll services and solutions? oBookkeeping is a professional bookkeeping company also provide online payroll services to small businesses. Payroll management is a crucial and time-consuming task for small business owners. It hinders business owners to stay focus on other important business activities. Outsourcing payroll services would be great decision for small business owners to avoid complex payroll calculations and stay focus on business growth activities.

We have employed professional and experience bookkeepers who are not only expert in bookkeeping tasks but also have hands on experience in rendering payroll services.

Why Should You Outsource Online Payroll Services for Small Businesses?

There are multiple reasons for hiring online payroll services such as, You can

  • Keep track of your employees’ tax information
  • Assist employees see and regularly update benefits, retirement and/or insurance information
  • Effectively manage and process special payment circumstances legally such as employement, disability, and family leave
  • Track Attendance information and paid time off (PTO)