“Behind Every Successful Business is A Good Bookkeeper”

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“Beware of Little Expenses. A Small Leak Will Sink A Great Ship”

Benjamin Franklin


We are a professional company rendering virtual bookkeeping services in different countries around the world.

We’re headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan. But we have a diverse client base not only in Pakistan but also in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

In our crew, we have employed qualified team members who are experienced and pro-efficient in accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. We put premium but affordable bookkeeping solutions within reach of every startup. 

We record each and every expense and craft financial reports for entrepreneurs and small business owners to understand their finances in a simple, effortless and affordable manner. Get to know more about us.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services


Bookkeeping Services

We as a virtual accountant provide best virtual bookkeeping services to small businesses in all industrial sectors.

Payroll Services

Our payroll bookkeeping services ensure timely payments of employees’ salaries and workers’ wages.

Tax Preparation

With OB’s tax preparation services, your small business does not have to deal with the tax compliance workload any further.


A virtual bookkeeper is someone who renders small business bookkeeping services remotely, utilizing current technologies and the internet. Virtual accounting and bookkeeping is not location dependent. We oBookkeeping also operates on the model of remote/virtual bookkeeping. We provide  affordable online bookkeeping solutions utilizing the internet, current technologies and cloud services.


We get it. When you search for “accounting or bookkeeping services near me”, you are most probably looking for local certified accountant and bookkeeper to look after your accounts and tackle complicated business needs. But with today’s technology and internet, you can connect with the most affordable and highly professional remote bookkeepers around the world.

There are dozens of advantages on why you should outsource bookkeeping or hire virtual bookkeeping services. But the most important advantage of hiring a virtual accountant for your bookkeeping is the cost. For startups, it is difficult to bear high cost of permanent local accountant for bookkeeping work. They charge a lot and ultimately reduce small business profitability. Here comes oBookkeeping, we provide affordable online bookkeeping solutions with all the benefits which you can take from local accountant. We have expert team who ensure accuracy, privacy, and scalability.  

Remote Virtual Bookkeeping Services