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Thank you for considering collaboration with us!


Here at oBookkeeping, we can collaborate in various ways such as:


  1. Contribution in the form of Guest Posts
  2. Brand Promotion / Collaboration
  3. Outsourcing Solutions

1# Guest Posts

We accept guest post requests from outside authors. Here are the general terms and conditions of the guest posts:


Your topics shall resonate with our website’s niche. For instance:

    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Finance
    • Investing
    • Financial and productivity tools
    • Small Business Tips

Contents shall be unique and plagiarism free. Plagiarized contents will not be accepted.

Content shall be well-researched and informative for our audience.

You are encouraged to add/cite helpful internal as well as external links (blogs/reports) to make your content authentic.

You can add your website link in your author bio. It’d be Rel=NoFollow link. Links in the content body toward home page, service / product pages or affiliate / tracking links with optimized anchor texts will not be entertained.

Words count of your draft shall not less than 900-1000.

You shall add your author bio and one social media profile link preferably twitter or LinkedIn.

Once, you will fulfill the conditions, you can send us your draft at info at the rate of oBookkeeping dot com. In the subject, make sure you add “GPR: oBookkeeping”. Emails with subjects other than mentioned earlier will not be entertained.


Note: Due to overwhelming guest post requests, we may take some time to respond. Your patience will be highly appreciated. Further, turn around time for guest posts (once submitted) will be 2-3 weeks.


2# Brand Promotion / Collaboration

We’d be happy to collaborate and promote your brand with our audience. We can promote your brand via sponsored contents (terms & conditions apply), newsletters, and social media channels. Kindly, contact on our aforementioned mail address with subject “Brand Promotion / Collaboration”.


3# Outsourcing Solutions

We provide various outsourcing solutions such as virtual accounting and bookkeeping, business planning, ERP, virtual CFO and IT consultancy. You can contact us and let’s discuss business in detail.

Reach Us For Outsourcing Solutions